Thursday, 2 August 2012

Bus Journeys...

I love bus journeys, especially if I am taking a single seater. It's just me, music, sleep and the scenery. I'll be in my own world. So, if you're going on a long bus journey, do not complain. Turn on your music (with earphones of course, or the person sitting next to you will strangle you to death), look out of the window and enjoy the greenery. If you're bored, just daydream (because that's the only time you can actually daydream without worrying about wasting time!!!). When you run out of things to dream about, just doze off. Enjoy =)

I'm back...

Yes.. It's going to be nearly a year since I've updated my blog. I think now it's time for me to start writing again. I'm too bored at home and also there are some things that have been bothering me and I needed a space to express myself. I've deleted some old posts as it's time for new ones......

Monday, 26 September 2011


சஞ்சலம் கொண்ட கண்களை மூடிச் சந்திரன்

 காணக் காத்திருந்தேன்...

நீ வரவில்லை நீ வரவில்லை...

விடிஞ்சே போச்சே என்செய்வேன் ???

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Vaagai Soodavaa songs...

Currently I'm addicted to songs from this yet to be released movie Vaagai Soodavaa. All the songs are nice to hear and the music sounds fresh and new. The music is by new composer M.Ghibran. Although all the songs are equally good, my personal favourites are the songs Poraaney poraaney and Sengga soolakaaraa. I've been listening to them again and again for the past 1 week.

Monday, 19 September 2011

R.I.P Earphone :(

I just left my laptop for a few seconds and went out to answer a phone call.
And when I was back I got a shock to see my earphone in this condition!!!!

I was breaking my head to figure out how it happened then finally realised that the cooler pad is the murderer who chopped off my earphone into pieces.

Thought of the day :  So people, next time be careful with cooler pads. You think the blades are not sharp enough to do you any harm???Think again!!!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Happy Onam!!!

Didn't know it's Onam today till I saw this huge kolam on my way to class.

Happy Onam to all Malayalees!!! 

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Mankatha - Movie Review

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Got the chance to watch Mankatha on the first day itself. I went for the midnight show with my parents and brother. Thanks to my cousin, we got the last row seats. This is the first time I am watching Ajith movie in cinema because I don't really like him. Then you might be wondering why I went? I was impressed with the director's previous movies such as Goa, Saroja and Chennai 60028 and was eager to watch his next movie which also happened to be Ajith's 50th movie.

The cinema was filled with Ajith fans but I was surprised to see that they were not as noisy as Vijay fans. Usually when I go for Vijay movies, the guys will clap, whistle, and shout so loud until we can't hear what's happening in the movie (Vijay fans, no offense please.. it's just an observation, I have nothing against you guys).

The synopsis of the story, I am too lazy to write about it so you all can read it in the link that I've provided below or better still, just go and watch it.

Coming to the story, the first half reminded me of a lot of English movies especially Oceans Eleven. But the guys made it look so easy to steal 500 crores (=5000 million) of US dollars. I was expecting a more complicated and properly planned heist. Then it became twisted and complicated in the second half. Most of the times, I could guess what's coming up next. Halfway through the movie, I told my mum that all the guys who planned the heist will die towards the end except for Ajith, which happened to be true. However, the final scene was quite unexpected though.

But I really liked the dialogues in the movie, my favourite one being " Inimele sathiyamaa naan thanni adikka maatten" (I swear I will never drink anymore). It's a very common dialogue that I always hear from my guy friends who say that they will never drink again but end up getting drunk again and again. I've just realised that it's not just my friends but its a worldwide issue. 

Next, the actors. Too many popular people acting but the whole movie revolves only around Ajith. I'm quite disappointed with the screen time allocated for the heroins. All their talents went to waste as they just appear for a few minutes. We don't know what happened to Trisha after she found out Ajith's true colours, Anjali who was waiting for her husband Vaibhav who was supposed to bring her overseas, and Andrea who played Arjun's wife appeared in only a song and one or two scenes. The director seems to have totally forgotten about them and only concentrated on Lakshmi Rai who appears in the beginning and the ending part of the movie. Action King Arjun is good as usual. Premgi Amaran is better now, both in performance and appearance. I like the new actor Ashwin Kakumanu, hope will act in more movies. Lastly, Ajith did a really good job in carrying his role perfectly.

 About the music, I have to say that I am quite disappointed as I was expecting a good album from the Yuvan + Venkat Prabhu combo. In my opinion, none of the songs were good enough to stick to the memory. The only songs that I remember for now are 'Vilaiyadu Mangatha' because of the dance sequence and  'Vaadaa Bin Laada' song because of its video clip (definitely not for the music). However, I am happy with the background music especially the theme music. We can expect it to be Ajith's signature music from now onwards.

It's a movie made with Ajith's fan in mind and the target audience being the youngsters. My brother, my cousin and I found the movie entertaining but my parents totally disagreed with us. We got scolding for dragging them to the movie and wasting their time and money. My mum summarised the whole movie in two sentences : " They got drunk, stole the money, got drunk again and they shot each other. What's so great about it?"

Things that I like about the movie :
1. Trisha's costume
2. Ashwin Kakumanu - The guy who played Ganesh the police
3. The dialogue -
4. The way Ajith says "Action King, I'm impressed!!".
5. The videoclip of ' Vaadaa Bin Laadaa' song - The constanty changing background was quite hypnotising.
6. Money... Money... Money... hehe...
7. The theme music.
8. The stickers on Premgi's laptop!!!! 

Things that I dislike :
1. A very male orientated movie - The heroines just appear for a few scenes and songs.
2. Too many popular stars and they didn't really get appropriate screen time as the Ultimate Star overshadowed all of them.
3. Too many twists is the story. You might get confused if you don't pay proper attention while watching it.
4. Is it really that easy to get such a large sum of money? (They should've made the money hard to get like in the movie Naanayam)

This is another review (more of a synopsis actually) :

And for more info regarding the movie:

Thought of the day :
Ajith - We're impressed! You didn't disappoint your fans who were waiting for your 50th movie.
Vengkat Prabhu - Better luck next time. And please do remember to involve the ladies in your movies.
Yuvan - ................ (No comments)